The Veterans Legal Clinic is working remotely to serve your needs. We are unable to receive communication via telephone or mail. Thus, please email your application to lawvlc@wfu.edu.

The Veterans Legal Clinic is accepting clients.
If you are a North Carolina veteran, who is seeking a discharge upgrade after suffering service-connected post-traumatic stress disorder (“PTSD”), traumatic brain injury (“TBI”), sexual assault, or another mitigating circumstance, please submit the following to our office:

  • Veterans Legal Clinic Client Application
  • SF-180 Template
    Please leave the “Send Information/Document To” lines blank. The Veterans Legal Clinic will submit the form and collect the documents on your behalf to the relevant records center(s).
  • a copy of your DD214 form to our office.

If you do not have a copy of your DD-214, you may obtain a copy using the Personnel and Medical Records Request Form (SF-180).

When sending records and/or documents, please do not send in originals. Create and send copies as we cannot guarantee the return of any documents submitted to the Veterans Legal Clinic.