Consumer Protection

Due to the nature of military service, servicemembers often find themselves in difficult consumer situations. Several issues relating to consumer protection are addressed under the Servicemembers Civil Relief Act (“SCRA”). The Servicemember’s Civil Relief Act (“SCRA”) provides a wide range of consumer protections to all Active Duty servicemembers, allowing them to devote themselves entirely to national defense. Individuals entering, called to active military duty, deployed servicemembers, and reservists and members of the National Guard on active duty are covered under SCRA. SCRA works to postpone or suspend certain civil obligations for servicemembers. Such civil obligations include: easing certain financial burdens such as outstanding credit card debt and mortgage payments; suspending certain judicial and administrative proceedings including pending trials and servicemembers involved in child custody hearings unable to appear due to military obligations; taxes, and termination of leases.

The Veterans Legal Clinic is equipped to assist servicemembers assert their rights under SCRA and therefore protect themselves from the consequences of certain civil obligations.

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