Discharge Upgrades

Clients meeting with Clinic students about their case

The Veterans Legal Clinic’s primary focus is Discharge Upgrades. The Clinic provides pro bono legal representation to veterans who received a “bad paper” discharge despite having Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, Traumatic Brain Injury, or another mental health disorder. We also represent veterans who unjustly received a “bad paper” discharge and now have a remedy as a result of a change in the law.

The Clinic can assist veterans who were discharged under less than honorable conditions request upgrades from Discharge Review Boards or Boards for the Correction of Military Records.

To further this goal, the Veterans Legal Clinic has chosen not to focus on VA Benefits claims at this time. There are several other organizations through North Carolina, including other law school legal clinics, that provide legal services for VA Benefits claims.

Likewise, the Veterans Legal Clinic also does not provide legal assistance for family law or criminal law issues. To learn more about additional legal resources in North Carolina, please see the Resources page.